Giant team spirit!

Jane Ollerenshaw gives her perspective on the 2014 Lasseters Easter in the Alice.

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The invite to the 2014 Lasseters Easter in the Alice, on Facebook.
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Back when the Central Australian Rough Riders sent out our invite to interstate riders to race our trails with us for Easter 2014, Victoria-based Liv/Giant rider Jane was one of the first people to respond, replying in minutes of us posting the invite on Facebook.

Jane has been a familiar face at Alice Springs mountain bike events for quite a few years now. With her trademark pink socks, that cool Liv/Giant bike and riding kit and her happy smile, Jane’s always been an easy rider to recognise out on the trails – even if she is likely to be going at full noise and in the middle of passing you when you spot her.

CARR was delighted at the prospect of having Jane and her husband / team mate Steve Munyard, who also rides for Giant, as part of the contingent in this year’s Lasseters Easter in the Alice.

In her post-event froth report, Jane writes: ‘What was so appealing about this event was the ability to race as a team with my husband Steve. The rules were we must stay insight of each other, and finish together for the four stages. This was going to be a test of team work – and our marriage!

Riding as a team at night has its challenges […] The trails at night are so much fun, but trying to keep an eye on where Steve was, and him trying to make sure I didn’t drop too far behind had us constantly calling out: him, “Hey, you ok?” Me: ” Yep, keep going.”‘

‘What was so appealing about this event was the ability to race as a team with my husband Steve.’

—Jane Ollerenshaw, Liv/Giant rider

In addition to the challenges and rewards of riding as a team with her lovely husband Steve, highlights of Jane’s weekend included: receiving a Welcome to Country in Arrernte and then in English (from a Lhere Artepe elder), wearing bunny ears, popping a tyre – yes, actually POPPING it – and riding all-new tracks that she and Steve had never even seen, much less run a race tyre across.

Read up on all these and more in Jane’s write-up of her race in the Lasseters Easter in the Alice on the Liv/Giant blog.

Cheers Jane. We look forward to seeing you and Steve again next year!

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